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The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed

The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed Author : Tina Martin
Release : 2015-01-15
Publisher : Tina Martin Publications
File Size : 43.46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Desmond Champion is not looking for love. He makes that perfectly clear to the woman he calls his ‘kryptonite’ – Sherita Wilkins. He'd been successful at barricading his heart until... The Champion Corporation gets offered a multi-million dollar deal that hinges on his relationship with Sherita. It would be hard to avoid her when they would have to 'work' together for this deal - one that would set The Champion Corporation apart from its competitors. One that was too good to turn down. Can he keep his bachelor status and his heart intact when it comes to working with the woman who admittedly makes him weak? ***The Champion Brothers series books are all standalone books.*** Book 1, His Paradise Wife is Dante Champion's story. Book 2, When A Champion Wants You is Dimitrius Champion's story. Book 3, The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed is Desmond Champion's story. Book 4, Wives And Champions is a family novel. Book 5, The Way Champions Love, is Harding Champion's story.

What He Never Knew

What He Never Knew Author : Jamila Nasser
Release : 2014-11-07
Publisher : Author House
ISBN : 1496941071
File Size : 69.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 439
Read : 326

When Bella Archer lays eyes on Adam Walker for the first time, she's convinced that he's the perfect guy for her. But when she learns that every girl in the school feels the same way, she's disappointed to learn just how hard it is to make Adam hers. When she isn't able to get over her growing crush for him or get any of his attention, she does what she swore she would never do. She makes the first move. After slipping an anonymous note into Adam's locker and impatiently waiting for his text, Adam and her immediately hit it off. While Bella falls harder for Adam she helps him get over his late ex girlfriend, which she finds to be at her own advantage. The two go through a series of exciting, tearful, and dangerous events before they're able to be reveal their true selves to each other.

The Sound of Guns

The Sound of Guns Author : Baka Imre
Release : 2008-12-01
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
ISBN : 1434992233
File Size : 56.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 448
Read : 896

Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories Author : Evon Lewis-Bryant
Release : 2008-05-19
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1465322248
File Size : 43.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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My story reflects times of pain, sorrow, happiness, all wrapped into one life. This story tells the true story of myself as a little girl that had to grow up to learn early in life the role of an adult; putting the dolls away replacing them with high heels I had to become a mother and father in order to survive in a world that had no mercy. I put my life on hold to care for a mom, two brothers, and a sister to keep them safe. I lived a life full of turmoil, neglect, abuse, molestation, trials and many tribulations and having to feed, clothe and care for my family for many years; until one day I was relieved and giving a chance to be a child from the help of my grandparents. This was indeed a dream I longed to see for many years, I finally had the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Before, I let my guards down only to let other people disrupt and destroy my long awaited joy and in the mist of all this I had to endure the death of my grandparents and siblings. One day I could not fight any longer. I had been married twice suffering both physical and mental abuse in my relationships ultimately sending me into a mental institution. I strived to make what was left of my life complete; everything and anything I tried to do became a disaster often I wanted to just give up I kept hoping, praying, working, and caring for my (now very ill) mother I was always there for my children. I still struggle day to day forcing a grim smile knowing the mistakes I made in life were to be corrected and not repeated. I had to learn the hard way and now I suffer at the cost. One day I hope to erase the mess I have made of my life by reversing my mistakes made in the past. I realized I am in control and others are not I am stronger and braver because of my turbulent times. I stand now to be heard and not to be silent. I have spared many of my feelings only to be left alone with a broken heart. Now its my turn to stand my ground there will be no more excuses for crushing my heart wondering why me? I will smile and enjoy life as the ones who caused me pain. I will laugh and I will smile only this time I know its real. I realize all things were not the cause of me now; but were forced on me through others I am not one of great importance or do I have name embedded in Hollywood square. But, through reading my story you may find your life become a wasted one. You hold the power of your life take it and enjoy all the worlds pleasures!

''Caught'' Between Two Sisters

''Caught'' Between Two Sisters Author : DaShayne D. Walker
Release : 2012-03-05
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 146916471X
File Size : 37.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Four time published author, DaShayne D. Walker, is at it again, this time with a suspenseful novel called CAUGHT Between Two Sisters. She grew up in the inner city on Chicagos south side. She was always plagued by troubled family relationships. She began her journey in search of a normal, drama free and peaceful life at the tender age of nine. She has six brothers and two sisters. Her relationships with both sisters are estranged. While she has been able to accomplish whatever she has dared to dream such as becoming a prominent business owner, a prolific four time published author, an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran, 2nd runner up in a California pageant and obtaining a bachelors degree in Human Services, she gave up her fight for reconciliation. In the meantime, she has not been without sisters and friends who have never failed to be by her side when shes needed them most. Perhaps, this was her destiny.

Hard Justice

Hard Justice Author : Martin H. Petry
Release : 2009-05
Publisher : Hard Justice The Violation
ISBN : 1442170298
File Size : 22.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 763
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The third book of the trilogy Expurgation is the continuation of seeking out the killers of Sam Murphy's family. Expurgation reveals the vicious nature of Muhammad in his designs of Western Destruction, and demonstrates betrayal of one within the ranks of the team in Montreal working to locate Muhammad.

The Husband She Never Knew

The Husband She Never Knew Author : Cynthia Thomason
Release : 2012-02-15
Publisher : Harlequin
ISBN : 1459231929
File Size : 45.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 423
Read : 418

Is their marriage ending…or just beginning? Vicki Sorenson met Jamie Malone and married him an hour later. Both had good reasons for exchanging vows, but they had no plans to set up house. Now—thirteen years later—the new man in Vicki’s life is about to propose, so Vicki arrives at Jamie’s houseboat, divorce papers in hand. However, divorcing the charming Irishman is proving much more difficult than marrying him.

The Jesus I Never Knew

The Jesus I Never Knew Author : Philip Yancey
Release : 2008-09-09
Publisher : Zondervan
ISBN : 0310295815
File Size : 34.66 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 346
Read : 1129

How does the Jesus of the New Testament compare to the Jesus we think we know so well? Bestselling author Philip Yancey conducts an enlightening biblical and historical investigation. This honest book will help you discover a different Jesus from the flannelgraph Sunday school figure, the sweetly smiling Victorian Savior, and all the cultural clichés that have tamed Jesus and kept him in comfortable religious boxes. Philip Yancey cuts through existing views and preconceptions of Jesus--citing opinions from church history, modern history, and popular culture; discussing how different people and cultures view Jesus; dissecting popular quotes about Jesus; and much more--and he offers a more accurate perspective by pointing us back to the Bible. From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Yancey presents a complex character who generates questions as well as answers, a disturbing and exhilarating Jesus who wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith. The Jesus I Never Knew engages your heart, your mind, your emotions, and your senses, preparing you for a new, life-changing encounter with the real Jesus described in the Gospels. Also available: The Jesus I Never Knew video curriculum, participant's guide, and study guide.

Mortuary Confidential:

Mortuary Confidential: Author : Todd Harra
Release : 2010-05-01
Publisher : Citadel Press
ISBN : 0806534230
File Size : 77.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 604
Read : 321

When the casket reached the front of the sanctuary, there was a loud cracking sound as the bottom fell out. And with a thump, down came Father Iggy. From shoot-outs at funerals to dead men screaming and runaway corpses, undertakers have plenty of unusual stories to tell—and a special way of telling them. In this macabre and moving compilation, funeral directors across the country share their most embarrassing, jaw-dropping, irreverent, and deeply poignant stories about life at death’s door. Discover what scares them and what moves them to tears. Learn about rookie mistakes and why death sometimes calls for duct tape. Enjoy tales of the dearly departed spending eternity naked from the waist down and getting bottled and corked—in a wine bottle. And then meet their families—the weepers, the punchers, the stolidly dignified, and the ones who deliver their dead mother in a pickup truck. If there’s one thing undertakers know, it’s that death drives people crazy. These are the best “bodies of work” from America’s darkest profession. “Sick, funny, and brilliant! I love this book.” —Jonathan Maberry

No Profanity Here

No Profanity Here Author : Michael Royce Ward
Release : 2011-12
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
ISBN : 1466908319
File Size : 71.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 772
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This work contains seven short stories, all of which deal with the human spirit with an undercurrent of Christianity—that within each of us is the capacity to do good or evil.

Hi, Gramps!

Hi, Gramps! Author : David Lorah
Release : 2008-03-10
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 146910248X
File Size : 31.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 384
Read : 216

An old man, affectionately known as Gramps, remembers and records some of the major events that shaped his life; from the accidental death of his only son to his own declining years. Spot-lighted are the lives of four boys. We watch appalled as Chase, the biological grandson, deals with cancer. We follow the maturing of Roger (who is rescued and subsequently adopted by Gramps) as he deals with a haunting past; Bradley, a young American boy who becomes an honorary grandson adding to the fun-side of Gramps experiences; and we feel for Edward as he deals with the loss of his best friend and later a disastrous courtship. Meet the Rev. Dr. James Hayward, the pompous headmaster of St. Johns; the over-weight, tactless Mrs. Henderson with her multiple chins; Caleb, the avid young fisherman who springs a surprise on Chase and Bradley that neither of them would ever have expected; the young Indian schoolboy who is victimized by the school bullies; young Phelps, the rat-faced stooge of the cowardly Harrington-Blake and others. The author has presented his public with an inspirational book that deals with issues such as the unfairness of life; stereotyping; judgmentalism; racism; corporal punishment; guilt; past regret; heartbreak; death; etc., from a practical, Christian perspective without being "preachy".

The Lyric

The Lyric Author : Nancy B. Mann, PhD
Release :
Publisher :
ISBN : 1105560384
File Size : 47.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 921
Read : 581

Family Graces

Family Graces Author : Kathryn Magendie
Release : 2012-04-20
Publisher : BelleBooks
ISBN : 1611941172
File Size : 79.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 762
Read : 788

Virginia Kate's journey of understanding and forgiveness brings her back to the moment that changed her family's fate forever . . . "Grandma Faith calls to me to her ending that she says is her beginning. I must start with her, for she is the beginning of Momma who is the beginning of me who tells the stories--the stories are made real by the telling. The others will follow. 'Round we go. The mommas, the daughters, the children. They all wait for the releasing. The women of the ages. The little girls who lost their way and then were found. The mommas who wanted and those who did not. Where one lost, another recovered. The fulled circle goes 'round and 'round." The final novel of Kathryn Magendie's Graces trilogy completes the saga begun in her acclaimed ebook bestseller TENDER GRACES and its sequel, SECRET GRACES. Kathryn Magendie, a West Virginia/Appalachian native and adoptive daughter of South Louisiana, lives in a little log house with two dogs, a husband she calls "GMR," (Good Man Roger), and a ghost dog, tucked in a cove in Maggie Valley, among western North Carolina Smoky Mountains. She spends her days writing, photographing nature, and as Publishing Editor of The Rose & Thorn, a literary e-zine. Her next novel for Bell Bridge Books will be The Lightning Charmer. Look for all of Kathryn Magendie's novels coming soon in audiobook at, and iTunes. Visit her at

Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra Author : N. Y.) Daily News (New York
Release : 2001-05
Publisher : Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN : 9781582613390
File Size : 46.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 214
Read : 553

Yogi Berra: An American Original recalls the legendary life and times of one of America's most enduring personalities. Drawn from the archives of the New York Daily News, this book represents the most complete collection of Yogi Berra materials ever published. With over 150 classic photographs, Yogi's Hall of Fame career is captured in beautiful detail -- including rarely seen pictures from his early years in Yankee pinstripes to his World Series heroics on the great Yankee teams of the 1950s and early 1960s, through his ups and downs as manager and coach of the tradition-rich Yankees and the upstart Mets, and concluding with his life after baseball.

The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch)

The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch) Author : Caroll Spinney
Release : 2007-12-18
Publisher : Villard
ISBN : 9780307417541
File Size : 46.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 865
Read : 719

An inspiring message for all ages: Find your inner bird. If you’re looking for wisdom and joy in your life, go straight to Sesame Street and heed the words of its most beloved and profound resident, Caroll Spinney, who has spent the past thirty-four years in a bird costume (and a trash can) as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Three decades inside a giant puppet have taught Spinney a valuable and surprising lesson: Being a bird can make you a better person. In The Wisdom of Big Bird, the living legend of Sesame Street describes how we can all find our inner bird (or grouch). Each chapter illustrates a piece of useful wisdom Spinney has gleaned from a career in feathers. The lessons Big Bird teaches children every day on Sesame Street are the same ones that have brought Spinney success and satisfaction in his own life. Warm, witty, and affirming, Caroll Spinney’s memoir proves that being a bird can make you a better and happier person. “Every day on Sesame Street, we strive to give our innocent young audience the basis of a lifelong education. It is no accident that spending the past thirty-four years in the Bird suit teaching these lessons to others has taught me a few things, too.”—from The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch)

Hidden Promises

Hidden Promises Author : Annay Dawson
Release : 2008-02
Publisher : Annay Dawson
ISBN : 1435709748
File Size : 58.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 120
Read : 591

Jan and Ward have been hiding from the government they once worked for. When a friend calls for help, they have to choose between doing nothing or standing in the face of danger once again. In order to bring down a human trafficking ring, Jan gets smuggled in as one of the women they plan to sell. Facing the grueling trek across the border of Mexico to the United States, she then must help discover a way to bring down the entire operation. Ward calls his friend Eddy to help with the operation from the purchasing side; a side not so far from Eddy's past. If they aren't careful, all of them could die, or worse.


S.N.A.F.U. Author : Michael N. Raskin
Release : 2008-08-20
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1465325395
File Size : 85.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 755
Read : 1048

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