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Islam and Human Rights

Islam and Human Rights Author : Kirk W. Larsen T. Hunter
Release : 2015-05-26
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN : 1442256672
File Size : 63.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the last few years, issues related to human rights have acquired great importance in shaping the character of U.S.-Muslim relations. Many Muslims doubt the seriousness of the U.S. commitment to the cause of human rights and democracy in the Muslim world, believing that the United States applies human rights' standards selectively to suit its strategic and economic interests. Irrespective of the validity of these charges, they are part of the context of the U.S.-Muslim dialogue on human rights that this volume seeks to advance.

Human Rights & Islam

Human Rights & Islam Author : Ahmed E. Souaiaia
Release : 2003
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780595751099
File Size : 90.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Even though there has been a number of works dealing with human rights and religion already, this work is different in that it avoids being a commentary or an interpreter of what the religious communities think or don't think when it comes to human rights. It allows the documents and the adherents to speak for themselves. It will be left to the reader to comment and process the information. The author's role in this work is merely to establish a context when needed and bridge the gaps when necessary. It is only at the end of the presentation of the religious and secular documents on human rights that this author will provide a critique that is intended to engage other interested parties into a debate. There is a wealth of information and I trust that this authentic information can only enhance our perspective on this matter. All views were introduced here: the Qur'anic discourse, the Prophetic tradition, the Muslim scholars' interpretation, modern humanism perspectives, international law documents, independent scholars' findings, and the official and non-official declarations by the UN and other organizations are all presented herein. stance on human rights, we have included a variety of opinions: from the views of the Shi'ite Muttaheri, to the opinions of the influential Sunni lawyer al-Mawdudi, to the conclusions of an independent working group of Muslims scholar who produced the Universal Islamic declaration of Human Rights; every opinion that has some traction in the Muslim streets has been included here for examination. Although this work was produced primarily as a textbook for students and interested individuals from the public, there is a challenging theory that ought to stimulate further discussion of human rights schemes, organs, and implementation mechanism.

Human Rights and Islam

Human Rights and Islam Author : Abdullah Saeed
Release : 2018-04-27
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN : 1784716588
File Size : 50.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Is there a basis for human rights in Islam? Beginning with an exploration of what rights are and how the human rights discourse developed, Abdullah Saeed explores the resources that exist within Islamic tradition. He looks at those that are compatible with international human rights law and can be garnered to promote and protect human rights in Muslim-majority states. A number of rights are given specific focus, including the rights of women and children, freedom of expression and religion, as well as jihad and the laws of war. Human Rights and Islam emphasises the need for Muslims to rethink problematic areas of Islamic thought that are difficult to reconcile with contemporary conceptions of human rights.

Human Rights in Islam [Mawdudi]

Human Rights in Islam [Mawdudi] Author : Abul A'la Mawdudi
Release :
Publisher : IslamKotob
File Size : 66.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Islam and Human Rights in Practice

Islam and Human Rights in Practice Author : Shahram Akbarzadeh
Release : 2008-06-03
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 1134059264
File Size : 56.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Questions over the compatibility of Islam and Human Rights have become a key area of debate in the perceived tensions between ‘Islam and the West’. In many ways, discussion over the stance of Islam in relation to such factors as gender rights, religious freedom, social and political freedoms, and other related issues represents a microcosm of the broader experience of how Muslim and ‘Western’ communities interact and relate. This volume seeks to engage with the various debates surrounding Islam and Human Rights, in particular, challenging assumptions of a ‘standard’ or ‘essential’ Muslim perspective on Human Rights. Through a survey of the experiences of Muslim communities across the globe (the ummah), this volume highlights the dynamic way Muslims understand and incorporate Human Rights into their personal, social and political experiences. From conceptual discussions on the issues of gender rights and religious freedom, to examining Muslim communities from South East Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, leading global experts bring forth key insights into the way in which Muslim communities live and experience Human Rights. The potential for deeper engagement with this issue is critical, as it opens possibilities for more profound understanding and tolerance.

Issues on Harmonization of Human Rights in Islam

Issues on Harmonization of Human Rights in Islam Author : Najibah Mohd Zin
Release : 2016
Publisher :
ISBN : 9789674184186
File Size : 44.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The question harmonization between Islam and human rights is one of the most debatable issues in contemporary discourse among Muslim academics. At the root of the controversy lies the question about the legitimacy of such an academic engagement. This is primarily because the common perception is that the notion of human rights as embodied in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its supplementary documents is bound by its underlying humanistic assumptions about humans which are anathema to the Islamic concept of human beings as bond-servants and vicegerents of God on earth. Accordingly, its reconcilability with Islam in general and with Shari`ah in particular is a divisive issue among Muslim thinkers. Approaches range from vehement rejection to liberal treatment even to the extent of compromising fixed parts of Islamic law. A middle of the road approach within the framework of Islamic legal methodology of harmonization is still in the making. It is with this agenda in perspective that the authors of this book have engaged on various topical issues on the subject. The central theme emerging from the papers is that the discourse on harmonization between Islam and human rights should be conducted through a critical engagement with both international human rights theories and Muslim intellectual legacy within the parameters and non-negotiable principles of the Qur`an and Sunnah about humans and their rights.

Islam & Human Rights Issues

Islam & Human Rights Issues Author : Aslam Khaki
Release : 2006
Publisher :
File Size : 76.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Islam, Human Rights and Public Policy

Islam, Human Rights and Public Policy Author : David Claydon
Release : 2009
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780908284764
File Size : 32.1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this ground-breaking Australian book, a diverse group of international writers, scholars, and commentators shed light on some of the most pressing human rights and public policy challenges of our time. Contributors include thinkers of Muslim background with extensive personal experience in developing countries, and Western writers of both secular and religious orientation. Individual essays deal with the human rights of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in areas ranging from women's rights to freedom of religion. Another valuable focus is on the challenges of adaptation that immigrant Muslim communities in the west face, as do non-Muslims as they seek to understand and come to terms with different Muslims' world views. Contentious areas of debate such as the sources of religious violence. and the implications of so-called islamisation, are not avoided, but addressed with openness, honesty, and candour. Other specific topics include multi-faith dialogue, Islamic finance, and the nature of Islamic law (Sharia). The book concludes with a set of practical concrete recommendations for individualss directly involved in setting relevant public policies.

Islam and Human Rights

Islam and Human Rights Author : Abdullahi An-Na'im
Release : 2017-05-15
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 135192611X
File Size : 76.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The relationship between Islam and human rights forms an important aspect of contemporary international human rights debates. Current international events have made the topic more relevant than ever in international law discourse. Professor Abdullahi An-Na'im is undoubtedly one of the leading international scholars on this subject. He has written extensively on the subject and his works are widely referenced in the literature. His contributions on the subject are however scattered in different academic journals and book chapters. This anthology is designed to bring together his academic contributions on the subject under one cover, for easy access for students and researchers in Islamic law and human rights.

Islam and Human Rights

Islam and Human Rights Author : Amyn B. Sajoo
Release : 1990
Publisher :
File Size : 50.62 MB
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Islam and Human Rights

Islam and Human Rights Author : Ann Elizabeth Mayer
Release : 2018-04-19
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 0429974752
File Size : 20.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Islam and Human Rights is a probing examination of how the Islamic tradition has been exploited for political ends by regimes and institutions seeking to legitimize policies inimical to human rights. Ann Elizabeth Mayer critically appraises Islamic human rights schemes that dilute the human rights afforded by international law, comparing them with the complex Islamic legal heritage and international human rights law. Challenging stereotypes about a supposedly monolithic Islam inherently incompatible with human rights, Mayer dissects the political motives behind the selective deployment of elements of the Islamic tradition by conservative forces seeking to delegitimize demands for democracy and human rights. The fifth edition provides an updated consideration of government policies on Islam and human rights activism and how they are affecting developments in several Middle Eastern countries, and features a new chapter on the resistance of human rights for sexual minorities by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) project to co-opt international human rights law to criminalize 'defamation of Islam' occurring in the West. The new edition also analyzes the other most recent and important issues of the region, including: The burgeoning pressures in the Middle East for human rights leading up to the Arab Spring; The ambitious campaign of the (OIC) to influence the UN human rights system by forging alliances with non-Muslim states hostile to human rights; The concerted efforts by this cross-cultural alliance to subvert international human rights law under pretenses of supporting human rights; The intensifying controversies over issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Middle East; The Danish Cartoons controversy and the OIC project to co-opt international human rights law to criminalize 'defamation of Islam' occurring in the West.

Islam and Human Rights

Islam and Human Rights Author : Mashood A. Baderin
Release : 2006
Publisher :
File Size : 67.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Contributed articles.

Islamic Views on Human Rights

Islamic Views on Human Rights Author :
Release : 2003
Publisher :
File Size : 59.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contents: Introduction To Irano-Islamic Views On Human Rights By Dr. Husayn Salimi, Sources Of Human Rights In Islam By Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Khamini, Individual Rights In Islam By Ayatullah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri, Survey Of The Similarities And Differences Of Human Rights In Islam And In The West By Hujat Al-Islam Muhammad Javad Hujjati Kirmani, Political Rights Of People In Islam By Hujat Al-Islam Dr. Muhsin Kadivar, Criticism And Study Of The Cairo Declaration Of Human Rights In Islam By Dr. Husayn Mihrpur, Human Rights: The Clashes Between Individual And Collective Rights By Dr. Husayn Salimi, Human Rights And Asian Values By Dr. Bihzad Shahandah, Primary Principles Of Law In Islam By Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari, International Rules For Women`S Rights : A Challenge By Nasirn Musaffa, Independence And Economic Rights Of Women By Zahra Davar, Reproductive Health And Rights By Susan Pasgar, International Humanitarian Law In Islam And Contemporary International Law By Hujat Al--Islam, International Human Rights Regime: A Theoretical Approach To Regime Formation And Persistence By Abu Muhammad Asgarkhani, The Impact Of The Changes Of International System On The Concept Of Human Rights By Ahmad Naqibzadah, Humanrights In Practice; The Violation Of The Muslims Rights Throughout The World And The Position Of The United Nations Toward This Issue By Sa`Idah Lutfiyan, Human Rights Development After The Second World War By Bahram Mustaqimi Maryam Za`Ir

Human Rights in Islam

Human Rights in Islam Author : Muhammad Ali Alkhuli
Release : 2008-01-01
Publisher : Al Manhal
File Size : 73.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Many people mention the International Declaration of Human Rights issued by the UNO in the 1940’s as the starting point of human rights . In fact, they forget that Islam offered a far better declaration hundreds of years ago . Besides, Islam has brought up the individuals who are ready to abide by these rights and make them an actuality . God says in The Holy Quran, “ We have honored the sons of Adam .” (Al - Isra’ : 70) . This honoring certainly implies securing all necessary rights for man . Rights and duties are two sides of one coin, as it is said, because the rights of a person are usually the duties of other persons . Therefore, Islam emphasizes the carrying out of duties since rights will be automatic consequences . If everyone does his duties, everyone else gets his rights .

Islam and the Challenge of Human Rights

Islam and the Challenge of Human Rights Author : Abdulaziz Sachedina
Release : 2009-11-05
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 0199741697
File Size : 55.26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the International Declaration of Human Rights, a document designed to hold both individuals and nations accountable for their treatment of fellow human beings, regardless of religious or cultural affiliations. Since then, the compatibility of Islam and human rights has emerged as a particularly thorny issue of international concern, and has been addressed by Muslim rulers, conservatives, and extremists, as well as Western analysts and policymakers; all have commonly agreed that Islamic theology and human rights cannot coexist. Abdulaziz Sachedina rejects this informal consensus, arguing instead for the essential compatibility of Islam and human rights. He offers a balanced and incisive critique of Western experts who have ignored or underplayed the importance of religion to the development of human rights, contending that any theory of universal rights necessarily emerges out of particular cultural contexts. At the same time, he re-examines the juridical and theological traditions that form the basis of conservative Muslim objections to human rights, arguing that Islam, like any culture, is open to development and change. Finally, and most importantly, Sachedina articulates a fresh position that argues for a correspondence between Islam and secular notions of human rights.

Constitutionalism, Human Rights, and Islam After the Arab Spring

Constitutionalism, Human Rights, and Islam After the Arab Spring Author : Rainer Grote
Release : 2016-08-22
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 0190627646
File Size : 42.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Constitutionalism, Human Rights, and Islam after the Arab Spring offers a comprehensive analysis of the impact that new and draft constitutions and amendments - such as those in Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, and Tunisia - have had on the transformative processes that drive constitutionalism in Arab countries. This book aims to identify and analyze the key issues facing constitutional law and democratic development in Islamic states, and offers an in-depth examination of the relevance of the transformation processes for the development and future of constitutionalism in Arab countries. Using an encompassing and multi-faceted approach, this book explores underlying trends and currents that have been pivotal to the Arab Spring, while identifying and providing a forward looking view of constitution making in the Arab world.

Human Rights in Islam

Human Rights in Islam Author : Parveen Shaukat Ali
Release : 2008
Publisher : Adam Publishers
ISBN : 9788174350114
File Size : 40.10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Religious Legal Traditions, International Human Rights Law and Muslim States

Religious Legal Traditions, International Human Rights Law and Muslim States Author : Kamran Hashemi
Release : 2008
Publisher : BRILL
ISBN : 900416555X
File Size : 63.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 552
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This book offers an exploration of aspects of the subject, Islam and Human Rights, which is the focus of considerable scholarship in recent years predominantly from Western scholars. Thus it is interesting and important to have the field addressed from a non -Western perspective and by an Iranian scholar. The study draws on Persian language literature that addresses both theological and legal dimensions of the theme. The work is also distinctive in that it tackles three areas that have been largely ignored in the literature. It undertakes a comparative study of the laws of several Muslim States with respect to religious freedom, minorities and the rights of the child. The study offers an optimistic vision of the fundamental compatibility of Islam and international human rights standards.