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Don't Forget the Duct Tape

Don't Forget the Duct Tape Author : Kristin Hostetter
Release : 2007
Publisher : The Mountaineers Books
ISBN : 9780898869552
File Size : 50.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 630
Read : 877

Offers advice on what to include in a hiking or travel repair kits and duct tape do's and don'ts. This book includes sections on caring for technical wool garments and repairing softshell fabrics, single-wall tents, hydration systems, and more.

Short Stories That You Will Never Forget

Short Stories That You Will Never Forget Author : Christie Putman
Release : 2008-05-06
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1465326472
File Size : 60.96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 523
Read : 607

In this book, there are three short stories about a woman named Marie and what happened to her and what she did to tell other people her story.

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal Author : Kristin Hostetter
Release : 2004
Publisher : The Mountaineers Books
ISBN : 0898868653
File Size : 51.21 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 479
Read : 547

Adventure Journal: With Outdoor Tips and AdviceBy Kristin Hostetter Record the experiences and impressions of your journey forever in this portable journal. Includes ruled spreads (for writing) and unlined pages (for sketching, doodling, photos, leaf collages, etc.). You'll find writing suggestions and artwork to help get you started. At the top of every page is an area for recording date, time, miles hiked, and location or route. Other features include tips for success and enjoyment in the wilderness, from the experts at Backpacker magazine. Adventure by adventure, create your own outdoor memoir. Sample journaling ideas:Hello bear! Write about an exciting wildlife encounter. Describe the where, what, and how, but also any feelings your encounter triggered. Leadership. Every trip has a leader, official or not. Think about your trip leader-maybe it's you-and what this person does that has a positive or negative effect on the rest of the crew. Kristin Hostetter, author of Don't Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gear, is a columnist for Backpackermagazine. She writes a bi-weekly column for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and lives in Milton, Massachusetts.

Duct Tape Selling

Duct Tape Selling Author : John Jantsch
Release : 2014-05-15
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1101619929
File Size : 60.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 761
Read : 615

Many of the areas that salespeople struggle with these days have long been the domain of marketers, according to bestselling author John Jantsch. The traditional business model dictates that marketers own the message while sellers own the relationships. But now, Jantsch flips the usual sales approach on its head. It’s no longer enough to view a salesperson’s job as closing. Today’s superstars must attract, teach, convert, serve, and measure while developing a personal brand that stands for trust and expertise. In Duct Tape Selling, Jantsch shows how to tackle a changing sales environment, whether you’re an individual or charged with leading a sales team. You will learn to think like a marketer as you: Create an expert platform Become an authority in your field Mine networks to create critical relationships within your company and among your clients Build and utilize your Sales Hourglass Finish the sale and stay connected Make referrals an automatic part of your process As Jantsch writes: “Most people already know that the days of knocking on doors and hard-selling are over. But as I travel around the world speaking to groups of business owners, marketers, and sales professionals, the number one question I’m asked is, ‘What do we do now?’ “I’ve written this book specifically to answer that question. At the heart of it, marketing and sales have become activities that no longer simply support each other so much as feed off of each other’s activity. Sales professionals must think and act like marketers in order to completely reframe their role in the mind of the customer.”

Kansas Curiosities

Kansas Curiosities Author : Pam Grout
Release : 2010-06-15
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN : 0762765798
File Size : 80.2 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 557
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Your round-trip ticket to the wildest, wackiest, most outrageous people, places, and things the Sunflower State has to offer! Whether you’re a born-and-raised Kansan, a recent transplant, or just passing through, Kansas Curiosities will have you laughing out loud as Pam Grout takes you on a rollicking tour of the strangest sides of the Sunflower State. Visit the Museum of the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things—and get your own largest ball starter kit. Meet more chainsaw-wielding, glow-in-the-dark-scrap-metal-zoo-building, grapefruit-peel-sculpting, papier-mâché-mixing, porcelain-pig-painting grassroots artists than you can shake a stick at! Get a load of Big Brutus, a sixteen-story coal shovel that has become a popular tourist attraction; and discover the thrill of an indoor hurricane—it’ll blow you away.

The Show I'll Never Forget

The Show I'll Never Forget Author : Sean Manning
Release : 2009-02-23
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 0786734442
File Size : 33.68 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 911
Read : 1140

In The Show I'll Never Forget, writer Sean Manning has gathered an amazing array of unforgettable concert memories from a veritable A-list of acclaimed novelists, poets, biographers, cultural critics, and songwriters. Their candid, first-person recollections reveal as much about the writers' lives at the time as they do about the venues where the shows occurred or the artists onstage. Ishmael Reed on Miles Davis Luc Sante on Public Image Ltd. Heidi Julavits on Rush Daniel Handler and Andrew Sean Greer on Metric Diana Ossana on Led Zeppelin Maggie Estep on Einsturzende Neubauten Dani Shapiro on Bruce Springsteen Gary Giddins on Titans of the Tenor! Nick Flynn on Mink DeVille Susan Straight on The Funk Festival Rick Moody on the The Lounge Lizards Jennifer Egan on Patti Smith Harvey Pekar on Joe Maneri Thurston Moore on Glen Branca, Rudolph Grey, and Wharton Tiers Chuck Klosterman on Prince Sigrid Nunez on Woodstock Jerry Stahl on David Bowie Charles R. Cross on Nirvana Marc Nesbitt on The Beastie Boys And many more . . . No matter where your musical taste falls, these often funny, occasionally sad, always thought-provoking essays-all written especially for The Show I'll Never Forget-are sure to connect with anyone who loves, or has ever loved, live music.

How to Raise a Teenager Without Using Duct Tape

How to Raise a Teenager Without Using Duct Tape Author : Jay Timms Bmt Ma Ccc
Release : 2010-05
Publisher :
ISBN : 0986484202
File Size : 75.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 875
Read : 673

Whoever said that parenting is easy obviously never had teenagers. How do you take these hormonal teens and actually get them to listen to you? In How to Raise a Teenager Without Using Duct Tape, you will learn answers to the 7 most asked questions about raising teens. Finally, a manual for those of us who have never been trained in being parents of teens!

Lean For Dummies

Lean For Dummies Author : Natalie J. Sayer
Release : 2012-03-26
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118117565
File Size : 32.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 659
Read : 742

Introduces the philosophy and tools of Lean, which is designed to help eliminate waste and maximize the effectiveness of resources, covering management theories, value-stream mapping, and pitfalls to avoid.

Duct Tape Won’t Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag

Duct Tape Won’t Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag Author : David H. Brantley
Release : 2015-02-18
Publisher : Archway Publishing
ISBN : 1480814997
File Size : 43.7 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 836
Read : 1204

David H. Brantley’s first serious challenge came when his doctor told him it would be a miracle if he survived another six months. Crohn’s disease was simply taking too heavy a toll on his system. Thirty years later, another doctor told him that he’d have to open him up for surgery to determine the severity of his colorectal cancer. Even though it was worse than the doctor imagined, Brantley persevered. In this inspiring account about fighting Crohn’s and cancer, Brantley looks back at the big dreams he had growing up, including becoming a successful actor and writer—and celebrates what he actually became best at—beating the odds. Through the Crohn’s and cancer, he’s kept fighting and learned that living out one’s dreams is not nearly as important as dreaming to live. Of course, he’s made the journey easier by playing some Broadway tunes in the background. If you’re struggling to overcome an obstacle that seems impossible, you’ll be inspired to keep fighting by joining Brantley as he looks back at a lifelong struggle and the lessons he’s learned in Duct Tape Won’t Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag.

Life's Little Emergencies

Life's Little Emergencies Author : Emme Aronson
Release : 2004-03-19
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
ISBN : 1429970391
File Size : 85.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 593
Read : 354

Take off your shoes, curl up on the sofa, grab your favorite drink, let down your hair, and get ready for some straight-from-the-heart girl talk from Emme! In this frank, practical, and hilarious guide to getting through life's everyday emergencies, Emme is your navigator. Her insider's eye and priceless connections will help you solve the dilemmas that come your way—no matter what! Whether it's what to wear on that all-important first date (or totally crucial first interview), or how to throw an unforgettable party, or what to take with you on that impromptu getaway with the perfect guy, Emme comes to the rescue! And she calls on some of the smartest women around for "been there, done that" advice—women like Naomi Wolf, Aida Turturro, Trisha Yearwood, and Camryn Manheim. Each section is jam-packed with useful tips and strategies to help you get through things that might otherwise throw you for a loop. To solve your Beauty Emergencies, you will learn: - Secrets from make-up artist Bobbi Brown - The best body products you've never heard of Knock out your Fashion Emergencies with tips on - How to camouflage any figure flaw - What to wear to make a knockout first impression Find solutions to Romance Emergencies with - Breakthrough methods for handling tough holidays from expert psychologists - How to keep your friends close and circle the wagons And avoid Lifestyle Emergencies with - Party secrets from celebrity chefs and party planners - How to create the perfect living environment And much, much more! Life's Little Emergencies is the perfect companion for any woman driving along life's bumpy roads.


Safari Author : Peter Hathaway Capstick
Release : 1984-09-15
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
ISBN : 1466803983
File Size : 21.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 730
Read : 1144

From the master of African adventure writing, Peter Hathway Capstick presents the first modern authoritative, comprehensive travel guide to African safari. Drawn from his years of experience as a professional hunter, Capstick’s Safari: The Last Adventure explains the preparations and procedures involved in his African expeditions: how to select and book a safari; where and when to go; fees and licenses; the guns, ammo, and personal equipment needed. Chapters on each of the Big Five (lion, Cape buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino—the trophies most hunters want to take) describe the techniques, thrills, and dangers of hunting these clever and cunning animals. The other memorable delights of safari, like camp life, bird shooting, fishing, photography, and game viewing in wildlife parks, are also celebrated in this indispensable guide. Packed with solid advice and nuggets of campfire lore and hunting yarns, illustrated with thirty-four black and white photographs and six line drawings, this indispensable book is a classic work in its field, essential equipment for anyone going on safari or just dreaming of one...

The Power of Multisensory Preaching and Teaching

The Power of Multisensory Preaching and Teaching Author : Rick Blackwood
Release : 2009-05-26
Publisher : Zondervan
ISBN : 0310315379
File Size : 48.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 965
Read : 753

Most preaching and teaching in the church engages only one of the senses—hearing. In The Power of Multisensory Preaching and Teaching, Rick Blackwood shows how recognizing and engaging the multiple senses of the congregation can lead to greater impact. Blackwood presents both biblical evidence and scientific research showing that the more senses we stimulate in teaching and preaching, the greater the levels of learner attention, comprehension, and retention. Blackwood addresses both the “why” and the “how” of multisensory communication. Regardless of one’s current skill level, this practical book can help anyone add multi-sensory elements to messages in order to take communication to the next level—more compelling, clear, and memorable. As a result of reading this book readers can be more effective as a communicator and teacher. The book includes tools, examples, and worksheets.

Hazardous Materials Characterization

Hazardous Materials Characterization Author : Donald A. Shafer
Release : 2006-01-27
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 0471463000
File Size : 51.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 308
Read : 989

Detailed, up-to-date coverage of hazardous materials andsituations Lack of awareness about hazardous materials poses a major problem,causing many needless injuries and losses of property. Incompleteawareness presents just as big a problem; often people who havecontact with such materials know just enough to feel safe whileactually putting themselves and others in great danger. Thoughregulatory agencies have provided written standards, rarely dothese on their own offer the commonsense advice needed to properlyevaluate and handle hazardous materials. Hazardous Materials Characterization: Evaluation Methods,Procedures, and Considerations provides detailed coverage ofhazardous materials and situations. Plain language and a common-sense approach make this an accessible resource for use by allworkers who handle and deal with these materials. Written according to the latest regulations and best practices,this guide groups related materials together for quick and easyaccess (corrosive, ignitable, radioactive, etc.). It also detailsmethods and procedures for evaluating the properties and strengthsof questionable materials, as well as what reactive substances andsituations to look out for when working with these materials. Other topics covered include: * Regulatory review * Sampling and monitoring equipment, applications, andprocedures * Human health hazards * Biological hazards * Radiation hazards * Evaluating chemical and biological terrorist threats * Environmental remediation methods * References and resources Packed with the most up-to-date information on hazardous materialsand written to maximize accessibility, Hazardous MaterialsCharacterization is a vital reference for all those whose workinvolves hazardous materials.

How to Rebuild Ford Engines

How to Rebuild Ford Engines Author : Tom Monroe
Release : 1980
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9780895860361
File Size : 76.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 779
Read : 560

Photographs illustrate how to disassemble, check for wear, repair or recondition, and reassemble and install Ford V8 engines

Walking for Fitness

Walking for Fitness Author : Marnie Caron
Release : 2009-07-01
Publisher : Greystone Books Ltd
ISBN : 1926685555
File Size : 28.17 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 846
Read : 196

Walking is the most popular physical activity in North America, and for good reason: it can be done by people of all ages and all levels of physical ability, the risk of injury is low, and it doesn’t require a carload of expensive equipment. Best of all, brisk walking for just 30 minutes four times a week reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and other health problems. This comprehensive guide helps readers make the most of their walking. It offers two step-by-step programs developed by fitness professionals; advice on shoes, clothing, nutrition, and routes; tips on staying motivated and avoiding injury; stories from real-life walkers; and ways to include friends and family. Whether the goal is to return to activity, reduce the risk of illness and injury, or to minimize one’s impact on the environment, this encouraging book helps readers put their best foot forward.

Duct Tape Book Two

Duct Tape Book Two Author : Jim Berg
Release : 1995
Publisher : Pfeifer-Hamilton Pub
ISBN : 9781570250781
File Size : 25.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 114
Read : 1126

Organizing For Dummies

Organizing For Dummies Author : Eileen Roth
Release : 2011-03-21
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 1118053710
File Size : 55.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 280
Read : 182

What’s the favorite four-letter word of people who are less than fully organized? “Help!” So many technological, social, and economic changes affect your life that you need organization just to keep up, let alone advance. Many people have two jobs – one at the office and one taking care of things at home. If you have a family, you may count that as a third job. Caring for elderly relatives or have community commitments? You can count off four, five, and keep right on going. No matter what life stage you’re in, getting organized can make every day better and help you achieve your long-term goals. Organizing For Dummies is for anyone who wants to Polish his or her professional reputation Experience less stress Increase productivity Build better relationships Maximize personal time Organization isn’t inherited. With the human genome decoded, the evidence is clear: DNA strings dedicated to putting things into place and managing your time like a pro are nonexistent. Instead, organization is a learned skill set. Organizing For Dummies helps you gain that skill with topics such as: Understanding how clutter costs you in time, money, and health Training your mind to be organized and developing a plan Cleaning house, room by room, from basement to attic (including the garage) Creating functional space for efficiency and storage Time-management strategies for home, office, and tavel Scheduling, delegating, and multitasking Making time for your family Managing your health – physical and financial Finding time for love Organizing and cashing in on a great garage sale Getting organized is about unstuffing your life, clearing out the dead weight in places from your closet to your calendar to your computer, and then installing systems that keep the good stuff in its place. Organizing is a liberating and enlightening experience that can enhance your effectiveness and lessen your stress every day – and it’s all yours simply for saying “No” to clutter.

Closer to Stone

Closer to Stone Author : Simon Cleary
Release : 2012-02-27
Publisher : Univ. of Queensland Press
ISBN : 0702247669
File Size : 81.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 930
Read : 358

"See the dots, boy. Can you see them? They're not even towns, most of them. They're settlements, handfuls of human beings huddled together in the sand. Know this about your brother: he went out into that desert and he did not come back." There has never been a deserter in Bas Adams' family - from the Somme to Vietnam. So when his brother, Jack, is reported missing from his peacekeeping contingent in Western Sahara, Bas knows he must be found. Their father demands it. From Queensland's Lockyer Valley to the mountains of southern Algeria, Bas follows Jack's trail deep into the Sahara Desert, and into a world apart. Nothing could prepare him for what he finds. PRAISE FOR SIMON CLEARY 'A brave and impressive debut' "David Malouf" 'Assured and unsettling' "Canberra Times" 'A poignant tale' "Age"

Mortuary Confidential:

Mortuary Confidential: Author : Todd Harra
Release : 2010-05-01
Publisher : Citadel Press
ISBN : 0806534230
File Size : 57.93 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 121
Read : 525

When the casket reached the front of the sanctuary, there was a loud cracking sound as the bottom fell out. And with a thump, down came Father Iggy. From shoot-outs at funerals to dead men screaming and runaway corpses, undertakers have plenty of unusual stories to tell—and a special way of telling them. In this macabre and moving compilation, funeral directors across the country share their most embarrassing, jaw-dropping, irreverent, and deeply poignant stories about life at death’s door. Discover what scares them and what moves them to tears. Learn about rookie mistakes and why death sometimes calls for duct tape. Enjoy tales of the dearly departed spending eternity naked from the waist down and getting bottled and corked—in a wine bottle. And then meet their families—the weepers, the punchers, the stolidly dignified, and the ones who deliver their dead mother in a pickup truck. If there’s one thing undertakers know, it’s that death drives people crazy. These are the best “bodies of work” from America’s darkest profession. “Sick, funny, and brilliant! I love this book.” —Jonathan Maberry

Devotions for Super Average Kids

Devotions for Super Average Kids Author : Jesse Florea
Release : 2013-04-22
Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN : 1624051545
File Size : 51.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 888
Read : 916

These thirty fun-filled devotional readings for kids will encourage them to tell others about Jesus. Boys and girls alike will be inspired through the antics and adventures of “Average Boy,” who is Super Average when it comes to loving God and showing others how to do the same! Addressing real-life situations, the lessons cover topics like making friends, dealing with backstabbing classmates, getting along with parents and siblings, understanding your changing body, and most importantly, growing your relationship with God. This new repackage of Growing Up Super Average sports a new look and includes additional devotions and features.