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Changing Modes

Changing Modes Author : Andre Kraak
Release : 2000
Publisher : HSRC Press
ISBN : 9780796919601
File Size : 73.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book examines the influence of an important body of international literature on the development of post-apartheid policies in higher education and training and in science and technology. The book also examines a related phenomenon, the so-called 'massification' and democratisation of higher education world-wde over the past two decades.

Changing Modes of Journal Production

Changing Modes of Journal Production Author :
Release : 1997
Publisher :
File Size : 75.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Statistics and Probability Leveled Problems: Changing the Mean, Median, or Mode

Statistics and Probability Leveled Problems: Changing the Mean, Median, or Mode Author : Anne M. Collins, Ph.D.
Release : 2014-07-01
Publisher : Teacher Created Materials
ISBN : 1480787698
File Size : 40.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 123
Read : 431

Differentiate problem solving in your classroom using effective, research-based strategies. This lesson focuses on solving problems related to changing the mean, median, or mode. The problem-solving mini-lesson guides teachers in how to teach differentiated lessons. The student activity sheet features a problem tiered at three levels.

Getting There

Getting There Author : Joan Howard
Release : 1983
Publisher :
File Size : 85.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Technological Change In Agriculture

Technological Change In Agriculture Author : D. Hogg
Release : 2000-02-11
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 0333981251
File Size : 58.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Why do modern agricultural techniques, which are environmentally damaging, continue to be used? This path-breaking book seeks the answer to that question in an understanding of evolution of agricultural research in its cultural context.

Cisco Field Manual

Cisco Field Manual Author : Dave Hucaby
Release : 2003
Publisher : Cisco Press
ISBN : 9781587050435
File Size : 32.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A complete, concise reference for implementing the most important features of the Cisco Catalyst family of switches Review detailed and comparative configuration steps for features of the COS and Cisco IOS Software operating systems Understand basic system and operating system management Configure Ethernet, EtherChannel, Token Ring, and ATM LANE interfaces Deploy VLANs, private VLANs, trunking, VTP, and dynamic port membership Understand STP operation, configuration, and tuning Configure and use Cisco Catalyst hardware for Layer 3 switching and redundancy Discover how Cisco Catalyst switches handle multicast traffic and interact with multicast routers Implement broadcast suppression, protocol filtering, user authentication, port security, and VLAN access lists Set up switches for logging, SNMP and RMON management, and port analysis Configure voice gateway modules, inline power, and QoS features needed to transport voice traffic Cisco Catalyst switches, a common ingredient in many campus, metropolitan, enterprise, and service provider networks, are complex devices that require many configuration steps for proper operation. Not only are the required commands difficult to remember, but locating reference material on them also requires extensive research that is both time- consuming and difficult to complete in the field. Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration is a quick and portable reference guide to the most commonly used features that can be configured on Cisco Catalyst switches. Derived from the authors' notes about how to configure a variety of Cisco Catalyst features during the course of their preparation for the CCIE(r) exam, Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration is an indispensable tool that helps you perform the most popular deployment tasks. From the first page, the authors zero in on quick facts, configuration steps, and explanations of configuration options in each Cisco Catalyst feature. The different variations of the Cisco Catalyst operating systems (COS and Cisco IOS(r) Software) are shown together for side-by-side comparison, making it easy to move from one Cisco Catalyst platform to another. The book presents concise implementation advice for families of Cisco Catalyst features, including configuration fundamentals, Layer 2 interface configuration, Layer 3 interface configuration, VLANs and trunking, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Layer 3 switching, multicast, server load balancing, access control, switch management, quality of service (QoS), and voice. Additional appendixes provide you with critical details on well-known ports and addresses, specialized switch modules, VLAN extension, and a cabling guide. The quick reference format allows you to easily locate just the information you need without searching through thousands of pages of documentation, saving you time and helping you to get the devices up and running quickly and smoothly. Whether you are looking for a handy, portable reference to more easily configure Cisco Catalyst switches in the field, or you are preparing for CCNA(r), CCNP(r), or CCIE certification, you will find Cisco Field Manual: Catalyst Switch Configuration to be an essential resource that will save you hours of research time.

FileMaker Pro 13: The Missing Manual

FileMaker Pro 13: The Missing Manual Author : Susan Prosser
Release : 2014-06-27
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN : 1491901853
File Size : 33.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 267
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You don’t need a technical background to build powerful databases with FileMaker Pro 13. This crystal-clear guide covers all new FileMaker Pro 13 features, such as its improved layout tools and enhanced mobile support. Whether you’re running a business, printing a catalog, or planning a wedding, you’ll learn how to customize your database to run on a PC, Mac, Web browser, or iOS device. The important stuff you need to know: Get started. Tour FileMaker Pro’s features and create your first database in minutes. Access data anywhere. Use FileMaker Go on your iPad or iPhone—or share data on the Web. Dive into relational data. Solve problems quickly by connecting and combining data tables. Create professional documents. Publish reports, invoices, catalogs, and other documents with ease. Harness processing power. Use calculations and scripts to crunch numbers, search text, and automate tasks. Add visual power and clarity. Create colorful charts to illustrate and summarize your data. Share your database on a secure server. Add the high-level features of FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Pro Server.

Internationalisation and Mode Switching

Internationalisation and Mode Switching Author : Uwe Sachse
Release : 2011-11-06
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 3834969427
File Size : 44.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Managing an international operation is seen by many as one of the most challenging activities in an enterprise. Uwe Sachse offers substantial answers to the question of how companies behave after they have entered a particular foreign market. The results of the empirical study show that the mode switch is an important option for improving performance in foreign markets. Uwe Sachse shows that, over the duration of foreign business activity, companies pursue characteristic internationalisation pathways through their choice of mode.

ECMT Round Tables Changing Daily Urban Mobility Report of the One-Hundred and Second Round Table on Transport Economics Held in Paris on 9-19 May 1996

ECMT Round Tables Changing Daily Urban Mobility Report of the One-Hundred and Second Round Table on Transport Economics Held in Paris on 9-19 May 1996 Author : European Conference of Ministers of Transport
Release : 1996-10-18
Publisher : OECD Publishing
ISBN : 9282105598
File Size : 24.73 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 357
Read : 1164

This Round Table brings together the leading European experts on changing daily mobility to more ecological forms, and identifies the key policies for the immediate future that could reconcile towns and transport.

New Modes and Orders

New Modes and Orders Author : Michael Lind
Release : 1993
Publisher :
File Size : 28.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Modes of Production of Victorian Novels

Modes of Production of Victorian Novels Author : N. N. Feltes
Release : 1989-05-15
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
ISBN : 9780226241180
File Size : 29.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 424
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In this sophisticated application of modern Marxist thought, N. N. Feltes demonstrates the determining influence of nineteenth-century publishing practices on the Victorian novel. His dialectical analysis leads to a comprehensive explanation of the development of capitalist novel production into the twentieth century. Feltes focuses on five English novels: Dickens's Pickwick Papers, Thackeray's Henry Esmond, Eliot's Middlemarch, Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, and Forster's Howards End. Published at approximately twenty year intervals between 1836 and 1920, they each represent a different first-publication format: part-issue, three-volume, bimonthly, magazine-serial, and single-volume. Drawing on publishing, economic, and literary history, Feltes offers a broad, synthetic explanation of the relationship between the production and format of each novel, and the way in which these determine, in the last instance, the ideology of the text. Modes of Production in Victorian Novels provides a Marxist structuralist analysis of historical events and practices described elsewhere only empirically, and traces their relationship to literary texts which have been analyzed only idealistically, thus setting these familiar works firmly and perhaps permanently into a framework of historic materialism.

Photoshop CS3: Essential Skills

Photoshop CS3: Essential Skills Author : Mark Galer
Release : 2007-05-30
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
ISBN : 1136102930
File Size : 58.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Brimming with beautiful pictures, this successful book guides you through a project-based, progressive curriculum so that you can build all the essential skills to enhance photographs creatively and professionally with Photoshop CS3. If you are an aspiring professional, enthusiastic amateur photographer, or a student learning photography, digital imaging, art and design, or design graphics, you'll be amazed at the stunning results you can achieve! New! DVD is included FREE. Additional learning materials include * full-resolution, royalty-free images to download for trying-out your new techniques * over 8 hours of QuickTime movie tutorials to support the practical projects * Presets from layer styles to curves, shapes, and gradients * indispensable RAW files for editing practice And don't miss the companion website with updates, practice material, and more at! "The perfect companion guide for Photoshop users of multiple levels." Photoshop Creative Magazine "This book provides excellent coverage of Photoshop as a digital darkroom tool, as well as covering a truly amazing amount of background information. It is very readable and is truly a gem." Mark Lewis, Director, Mount Saint Mary College, USA The Essential Skills Photography Series from Focal Press uniquely offers a structured learning experience for photographers of all ages, with both the underlying theory and loads of invaluable 'how to' and real-life practice projects - all from the most talented photography practitioners/educators in the world. Each subject includes: * learning objectives for each section - for class use or self-study * color images of student and teacher/author work * activities to check learning outcomes * assignments to put theories into creative practice * full glossary of terms Other titles in the series: Studio Photography: Essential Skills by John Child, Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills by John Child and Mark Galer and Digital Photography in Available Light by Mark Galer.

Adobe Illustrator CC on Demand

Adobe Illustrator CC on Demand Author : Perspection Inc.
Release : 2013-07-03
Publisher : Que Publishing
ISBN : 0133480097
File Size : 82.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 415
Read : 387

Includes Online Workshops Online Adobe Certified Exam (ACE) Resources More than 500 of the most essential Illustrator CC tasks Need answers quickly? Adobe Illustrator CC on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. Inside the Book Improve publishing and productivity with Adobe Creative Cloud and touch screens Browse, organize, and process files using Adobe Bridge Transform and reshape objects to create a new look Use Live Paint to create, recolor, and modify images Use Live Color to create color harmony in a design Create complex shapes, patterns, and perspective objects Transform and touch up text and apply styles to display artistic text Apply appearances and graphic styles for a unique design Package or export designs to use in other programs Numbered Steps guide you through each task Did You Know alerts you to tips and techniques See Also points you to related information in the book Tasks are presented on one or two pages Illustrations with matching steps Bonus Online Content Register your book at to gain access to: Workshops and related files Keyboard shortcuts Visit the author site:

Intelligent Unmanned Systems: Theory and Applications

Intelligent Unmanned Systems: Theory and Applications Author : Agus Budiyono
Release : 2009-03-20
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 3642002633
File Size : 62.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 394
Read : 523

The book largely represents the extended version of select papers from the Inter- tional Conference on Intelligent Unmanned System ICIUS 2007 which was jointly organized by the Center for Unmanned System Studies at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Artificial Muscle Research Center at Konkuk University and Institute of Bio-inspired Structure and Surface Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astrona- ics. The joint-event was the 3rd conference extending from International Conference on Emerging System Technology (ICEST) in 2005 and International Conference on Technology Fusion (ICTF) in 2006 both conducted in Seoul. ICIUS 2007 was focused on both theory and application primarily covering the topics on robotics, autonomous vehicles and intelligent unmanned technologies. The conference was arranged into three parallel symposia with the following scope of topics: Unmanned Systems: Micro air vehicle, Underwater vehicle, Micro-satellite, - manned aerial vehicle, Multi-agent systems, Autonomous ground vehicle, Blimp, Swarm intelligence, learning and control Robotics and Biomimetics: Artificial muscle actuators, Smart sensors, Design and applications of MEMS/NEMS system, Intelligent robot system, Evolutionary al- rithm, Control of biological systems, AI and expert systems, Biological learning control systems, Neural networks, Genetic algorithm Control and Intelligent System: Distributed intelligence, Distributed/decentralized intelligent control, Distributed or decentralized control methods, Distributed and - bedded systems, Embedded intelligent control, Complex systems, Discrete event s- tems, Hybrid systems, Networked control systems, Delay systems, Fuzzy systems, Identification and estimation, Nonlinear systems, Precision motion control, Control applications, Control engineering education.