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Breaking the Death Habit

Breaking the Death Habit Author : Leonard Orr
Release : 1998
Publisher : Frog Books
ISBN : 9781883319687
File Size : 66.47 MB
Format : PDF
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Details the fundamental elements of transcending the physical in order to achieve immortality

An End to All Disease

An End to All Disease Author : Lt. Lawrence F. Frego
Release : 2006-07-19
Publisher : AuthorHouse
ISBN : 9781452016139
File Size : 30.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We are at the crossroads of world health. On the one hand we face the possibility of a world wide pandemic, the likes of which has never been seen before. We are, likewise on the threshold of discovering natural cures for nearly every disease. As choosing wisely may mean the difference between life and death, this book is designed to help the reader choose alternative options that are seldom if ever in the news. Jared Diamond, in his groundbreaking work, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, addresses the fact that only civilizations that recognize the threats against their existence, and deal with the threat effectively survive. Civilizations with their heads in the sand become extinct or are conquered by more vigorous nations. The robber barons of the last century were able to create a monopoly for oil and the automobile by ruthlessly and systematically destroying all competition. They tore up cable car lines and public transportation so the public would have no other alternative except their oil. Today, the drug monopolies, owned by the descendants of these same robber barons, are nearly complete in their plot to eradicate all natural, low cost remedies for disease prevention and treatment. In the state of Florida, naturopathic physicians were de-licensed unless they also had a conventional medical license. The powers that be want to create a drug induced society, at an enormous financial and emotional cost to the public at large. They are even trying to outlaw vitamins via European health treaties and side step the American constitution and the public. The ever escalating cost of medical care created by lack of natural alternative options can only lead to the eventual total collapse of the entire medical system. It is exceedingly difficult finding the truth about alternative medicine as the system has a vested interest in making profits and keeping the truth from you. A few thousand deaths is an acceptable loss if a few billion dollars can be made. And it will be a cold day in hell before a drug company puts itself out of business by telling you about a low cost natural cure that their product can manage. The guardians of public health know which side their toast is buttered on also. The career politicians and beltway bandits at the FDA know where the money is and they dont get it from you or providers of natural cures. The drug monopolies pay the big bucks. There have been no checks and balances. Corruption has become so pronounced that the US House of Representatives is seeking to pass the Consumers Access to Health Information Act (H.R. 2352) to ensure that accurate health claims ARE NOT SUPPRESSED. Consumers would be given TRUTHFUL AND COMPLETE information about the curative, mitigation, treatment, and prevention effects of foods and dietary supplements on disease or health-related conditions. The time to exercise your God given right to the health care of your choice is now. ( America has the finest emergency health care in the world. Bar none. However that is not the nature of the coming threat. American baby boomers will soon be retiring in the tens of millions. Their health care needs will be staggering and costly. However 92% of American health care providers are trained in emergency medicine and only 8% in long term preventative medicine. As it takes a minimum of 6-7 years to obtain a medical degree, America is unprepared for a crisis that is inevitable.

Quantum Eating

Quantum Eating Author : Tonya Zavasta
Release : 2007-10
Publisher : BR Publishing
ISBN : 9780974243450
File Size : 42.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Shiva Mahavatar Babaji

Shiva Mahavatar Babaji Author : Pola Churchill
Release : 2007-02-14
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
ISBN : 1425197469
File Size : 45.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In the Kumaon foothills of the Indian Himalayan mountains, where great saints and yogis of the past and present have made their ancestral homes since the beginning of creation, resides Shiva Mahavatar Babaji, known to millions in the West through Paramahansa Yogananda's book, Autobiography of a Yogi. In 1970, Shri Babaji, the deathless Master, appeared as a youth of 18 years old in a cave at the foot of Mount Kailash in the state of Samadhi. He displayed great wisdom and divine powers and was recognized by people as the great Mahavatar reincarnated. His coming was foretold both by saints and ancient scriptures. He came to reform the hearts and minds of men, uplift humanity during troubled times, and to teach and restore the Sanatan Dharma (eternal religion) of truth, simplicity, love, unity, and selfless service to God. (Karma Yoga). This book records His teachings and the extraordinary accounts of people's dreams, visions and encounters that bear witness to His omnipresence. This book is written with the intention for people to experience Babaji through these pages, so it will inspire you to investigate this fascinating Being for yourselves.

Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide

Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide Author : Martin K. Ettington
Release : 2020-05-13
Publisher : ECS Associates Inc
ISBN : 1453764100
File Size : 62.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A history of the search for physical immortality. Also a theory of how to realize your own immortality and various exercises to significantly lengthen your longevity.

A Habit for Death

A Habit for Death Author : Chuck Zito
Release : 2006
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN : 0738708364
File Size : 35.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 656
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Each year the nuns of rural St. Gilbert's College hire a city slicker to help with their summer theater festival, but when Nicky D'Amico trades the heat of New York City for rural Pennsylvania, he finds he has a lot to handle--a truly awful musical and murdered cast members. With a suspenseful plot, lovable characters and laugh-out-loud humor, A Habit for Death is one habit you won't want to break.

Conquer the Fear of Death

Conquer the Fear of Death Author : Nancy Williams
Release : 2008-11-19
Publisher : Epitome Books
ISBN : 9380297300
File Size : 90.25 MB
Format : PDF
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Fear is our worst enemy. If we let it terrify us, life will not be worth living. In fact, fear is nothing more than the expectation that something bad will happen. The opposite of fear is not courage, but simply the expectation that something good will happen. This is what we have to learnt. This book offers some simple ways to manage fears and live life to the full.

Breaking the Worry Habit...Forever!

Breaking the Worry Habit...Forever! Author : Elizabeth George
Release : 2009-09-01
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
ISBN : 0736945970
File Size : 84.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 552
Read : 819

Brand new from bestselling author Elizabeth George! Tackling the growing problem of anxiety, Elizabeth George draws on the Bible and her personal experiences to help readers develop their trust in the Lord and take steps to keep worry and runaway fear in check. Going beyond the simple "just pray and give your troubles to the Lord," Elizabeth acknowledges how hard it can be to "let go and let God." She offers practical step-by-step advice to help readers... change their focus find the positive in negative situations understand what they can and can't change know what to do when feeling overwhelmed develop proactive skills to head off anxiety understand that Christ is with them always Insightful discussion questions for each chapter will help readers apply the biblical principles and insights to their lives...and break their worry habit forever.

Breaking Free from the Spirit of Death

Breaking Free from the Spirit of Death Author :
Release :
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 1619047837
File Size : 63.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 876
Read : 580

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
Release : 2014-04-07
Publisher : Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries
ISBN : 9788021190
File Size : 57.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 450
Read : 943

Breaking Bad Habits is a book produced to help both young and old believers alike, win the battle over bad habits. The book is practical, pragmatic, scriptural and powerful. Bad habits are identified, the causes are noted and what it takes to break them is made unmistakably clear. The author draws a clear line of demarcation between real and fake Christianity. With this book in your hands, bad habits will become things of the past.

Out of the Darkness: Surviving the Death of a Child

Out of the Darkness: Surviving the Death of a Child Author : Walter Prunzik
Release : 2014-04-25
Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
ISBN : 1628385812
File Size : 38.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 463
Read : 394

How do parents accept the loss and fully recover from the tragedy of losing a child? Is healing ever possible? How? In Out of the Darkness: Surviving the Death of a Child, Walter Prunzik bares his soul on how he survived the death of his son, Keith. Prunzik shares a very personal experience so a staggering number of parents experiencing the same loss will know that they are not alone, that there is hope, that they will survive the trauma, and that life is still beautiful and worth living. In this fast-paced read, Prunzik tells his readers that parents “act” and “react” to the loss of their child based on the “agreements” they have made in their lifetime, forming a paradigm that they will accept as reality. Once caught up in this drama, only “new realities” can liberate parents so they will not be caught up in the lies brought by technology and old beliefs. Out of the Darkness reveals to grieving parents how they can survive this tragedy of loss by identifying these agreements one at a time, grabbing and yanking them, and replacing them with new ones to pave the way to a new and God-appointed outlook of death and loss.

Devoted to Death

Devoted to Death Author : R. Andrew Chesnut
Release : 2012-01-02
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 0199912882
File Size : 28.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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R. Andrew Chesnut offers a fascinating portrayal of Santa Muerte, a skeleton saint whose cult has attracted millions of devotees over the past decade. Although condemned by mainstream churches, this folk saint's supernatural powers appeal to millions of Latin Americans and immigrants in the U.S. Devotees believe the Bony Lady (as she is affectionately called) to be the fastest and most effective miracle worker, and as such, her statuettes and paraphernalia now outsell those of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Saint Jude, two other giants of Mexican religiosity. In particular, Chesnut shows Santa Muerte has become the patron saint of drug traffickers, playing an important role as protector of peddlers of crystal meth and marijuana; DEA agents and Mexican police often find her altars in the safe houses of drug smugglers. Yet Saint Death plays other important roles: she is a supernatural healer, love doctor, money-maker, lawyer, and angel of death. She has become without doubt one of the most popular and powerful saints on both the Mexican and American religious landscapes.

Breaking the Salt Habit

Breaking the Salt Habit Author : Erik Williams
Release : 2011
Publisher : Breakingthesalthabit LLC
ISBN : 9780615572703
File Size : 46.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 951
Read : 1188

For Erik, breaking the salt habit was not simply an option. It was a matter of life or death. After being diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the age of 29, Erik's doctors informed him he had no choice but to significantly reduce his daily sodium intake in order to continue living. While highly motivated to succeed, the prescribed dietary changes required significant changes to his existing lifestyle. Initially, this meant giving up all of the popular foods he was used to enjoying. However, after growing bored with the limited meals that conformed to his dietary restrictions, Erik began researching and modifying popular recipes he could now enjoy in a low sodium lifestyle. Erik has sought to pass along his countless hours spent researching food labels and perfecting recipes in the convenience of his book "Breaking the Salt Habit." In it you will find familiar, delicious, and simple recipes suitable for a low sodium diet, as well as tips and practical advice for sticking to a low sodium diet.

Breaking the Curse from a Twisted Life

Breaking the Curse from a Twisted Life Author : Frank Turner Jr.
Release : 2012-03-07
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 1449716377
File Size : 59.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 337
Read : 350

Do you know why some people do the same destructive thing over and over again? What is the true source of gang violence in America? Does it ever feel like your life is stuck in a rut and nothing you do changes the circumstance? Why does a person whos labeled an addict crave doing the same thing over again? In Breaking the Curse From a Twisted Life, you will learn how to get right down to the root of the thing that seems to keep you from progressing.

Life and Death in Freud and Heidegger

Life and Death in Freud and Heidegger Author : Havi Carel
Release : 2006-01
Publisher : Rodopi
ISBN : 9042016590
File Size : 42.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 438
Read : 562

Life and Death in Freud and Heidegger argues that mortality is a fundamental structuring element in human life. The ordinary view of life and death regards them as dichotomous and separate. This book explains why this view is unsatisfactory and presents a new model of the relationship between life and death that sees them as interlinked. Using Heidegger's concept of being towards death and Freud's notion of the death drive, it demonstrates the extensive influence death has on everyday life and gives an account of its structural and existential significance. By bringing the two perspectives together, this book presents a reading of death that establishes its significance for life, creates a meeting point for philosophical and psychoanalytical perspectives, and examines the problems and strengths of each. It then puts forth a unified view, based on the strengths of each position and overcoming the problems of each. Finally, it works out the ethical consequences of this view. This volume is of interest for philosophers, mental health practitioners and those working in the field of death studies.

Books in Print Supplement

Books in Print Supplement Author :
Release : 2002
Publisher :
File Size : 33.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Includes authors, titles, subjects.

Get-it-Done Guy's 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break

Get-it-Done Guy's 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break Author : Stever Robbins
Release : 2011-08-02
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN : 142995910X
File Size : 85.56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 409
Read : 1255

Previously published as part of Get-it-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. Millions of people already benefit from the innovative, time-saving tips that Stever Robbins dispenses each week in his #1 ranked Get-It-Done Guy podcast. Now he's compiled the 3 most common bad habits that hold people back from becoming successful. In this mini ebook, Stever not only shares with you what those 3 bad habits are but proven—and SIMPLE!—ways to break them. Written in the uniquely humorous style Stever is known for, Get-It-Done Guy's 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break will help you break the bad habits slowing you down and holding you back. Work less and do more—and become successful quickly and easily!