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Astronomy: A Physical Perspective

Astronomy: A Physical Perspective Author : Marc L. Kutner
Release : 2003-07-31
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9780521529273
File Size : 80.77 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 781
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A comprehensive introduction to astronomical objects and phenomena, for undergraduate students.

Astronomy Methods

Astronomy Methods Author : Hale Bradt
Release : 2004
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9780521535519
File Size : 36.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 264
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Astronomy Methods is an introduction to basic practical tools, methods and phenomena that underlie quantitative astronomy. Taking a technical approach, the author covers a rich diversity of topics across all branches of astronomy, from radio to gamma-ray wavelengths. Clear, systematic presentations of the topics are accompanied by diagrams and problem sets. Written for undergraduates and graduate students, this book contains a wealth of information that is required for the practice and study of quantitative and analytical astronomy and astrophysics.

Treffpunkt Deutsch

Treffpunkt Deutsch Author : E. Rosemarie Widmaier
Release : 1998-11-01
Publisher : Pearson College Division
ISBN : 9780130953445
File Size : 55.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 672
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Embraces the philosophy that the German classroom is a place where students get to know each other better through the target language. This book is designed to encourage students to interact spontaneously and meaningfully in German. It also looks at the culture and history of the German-speaking countries.

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology Author : Peter Schneider
Release : 2014-10-08
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 364254083X
File Size : 38.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 436
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This second edition has been updated and substantially expanded. Starting with the description of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, this cogently written textbook introduces the reader to the astronomy of galaxies, their structure, active galactic nuclei, evolution and large scale distribution in the Universe. After an extensive and thorough introduction to modern observational and theoretical cosmology, the focus turns to the formation of structures and astronomical objects in the early Universe. The basics of classical astronomy and stellar astrophysics needed for extragalactic astronomy are provided in the appendix. While this book has grown out of introductory university courses on astronomy and astrophysics and includes a set of problems and solutions, it will not only benefit undergraduate students and lecturers; thanks to the comprehensive coverage of the field, even graduate students and researchers specializing in related fields will appreciate it as a valuable reference work.

Phased Arrays for Radio Astronomy, Remote Sensing, and Satellite Communications

Phased Arrays for Radio Astronomy, Remote Sensing, and Satellite Communications Author : Karl F. Warnick
Release : 2018-07-31
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 1108540287
File Size : 87.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 225
Read : 839

Discover a modern approach to the analysis, modeling and design of high sensitivity phased arrays. Network theory, numerical methods and computational electromagnetic simulation techniques are uniquely combined to enable full system analysis and design optimization. Beamforming and array signal processing theory are integrated into the treatment from the start. Digital signal processing methods such as polyphase filtering and RFI mitigation are described, along with technologies for real-time hardware implementation. Key concepts from interferometric imaging used in radio telescopes are also considered. A basic development of theory and modeling techniques is accompanied by problem sets that guide readers in developing modeling codes that retain the simplicity of the classical array factor method while incorporating mutual coupling effects and interactions between elements. Combining current research trends with pedagogical material suitable for a first-year graduate course, this is an invaluable resource for students, teachers, researchers, and practicing RF/microwave and antenna design engineers.

New Scientist

New Scientist Author :
Release : 1989-04-22
Publisher :
File Size : 27.7 MB
Format : PDF
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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Science and Religion: Fifty Years After Vatican II

Science and Religion: Fifty Years After Vatican II Author : Kenan B. Osborne
Release : 2014-01-31
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 1630872873
File Size : 43.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 574
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In the past one hundred years, two major realities have changed both science and religion. The world of science has been enriched by quantum physics, the computation of the age of the universe, archaeological data in the Middle East, and a scientific stress on historical writing. The world of religion has been enriched by the establishment of the World Council of Churches and the Second Vatican Council. In the past fifty years, major scientists and major religious leaders have met together again and again. In the past fifty years, religious leaders from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have held a number of thought-provoking conferences. In this volume, these gatherings are reviewed and evaluated. Two major religious problems have challenged the science-religion discussions, namely, which God should the scientists agree on, the Trinitarian God, Allah, or Yahweh? Which history of the universe sponsored by these three religions should scientists be looking for? This volume raises questions and suggests some preliminary forms of serious discussion.

Compendium of Practical Astronomy

Compendium of Practical Astronomy Author : Günter D. Roth
Release : 1994-10-07
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 9783540535966
File Size : 74.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It is a pleasure to present this work, which has been well received in German-speaking countries through four editions, to the English-speaking reader. We feel that this is a unique publication in that it contains valuable material that cannot easily-if at all-be found elsewhere. We are grateful to the authors for reading through the English version of the text, and for responding promptly (for the most part) to our queries. Several authors have supplied us, on their own initiative or at our suggestion, with revised and updated manuscripts and with supplementary English references. We have striven to achieve a translation of Handbuch for Sternfreunde which accurately presents the qualitative and quantitative scientific principles con tained within each chapter while maintaining the flavor of the original Ger man text. Where appropriate, we have inserted footnotes to clarify material which may have a different meaning and/or application in English-speaking countries from that in Germany. When the first English edition of this work, Astronomy: A Handbook (translated by the late A. Beer), appeared in 1975, it contained 21 chapters. This new edition is over twice the length and contains 28 authored chap ters in three volumes. At Springer's request, we have devised a new title, Compendium of Practical Astronomy, to more accurately reflect the broad spectrum of topics and the vast body of information contained within these pages.

Kepler's Physical Astronomy

Kepler's Physical Astronomy Author : Bruce Stephenson
Release : 1994-07-25
Publisher : Princeton University Press
ISBN : 9780691036526
File Size : 46.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From Hipparchus and Ptolemy in the ancient world, through Copernicus and Brahe in the sixteenth century, astronomers had used geometrical models to give a kinematic account of the movements of the sun, moon, and planets. Johannes Kepler revolutionized this most ancient of sciences by being the first to understand astronomy as a part of physics. By closely and clearly analyzing the texts of Kepler's great astronomical works, in particular the Astronomia nova of 1609, Bruce Stephenson demonstrates the importance of Kepler's physical principles--principles now known to be "incorrect"--in the creation of his first two laws of planetary motion.

Introduction to Astronomical Photometry

Introduction to Astronomical Photometry Author : Edwin Budding
Release : 2007-04-26
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9780521847117
File Size : 69.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 322
Read : 419

Review of astronomical photometry for graduate students, researchers and advanced amateurs in practical and observational astronomy.

The Cosmic Perspective

The Cosmic Perspective Author : Jeffrey O. Bennett
Release : 2019-02-04
Publisher : Pearson
ISBN : 9780134874364
File Size : 53.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 908
Read : 787

For two-semester courses in astronomy. Exploring the impact of new discoveries on astronomy, science, and life in the universe Building on a long tradition of effective pedagogy and comprehensive coverage, The Cosmic Perspective, 9th Edition provides a thoroughly engaging and up-to-date introduction to astronomy for anyone who is curious about the universe, regardless of prior background in astronomy or physics. As respected teachers and active researchers, the authors present astronomy using a coherent narrative and a thematic approach that engages students immediately and guides them through connecting ideas. This engagement-centered approach and variety of contextualizing features enhance student understanding of the process of science and actively involve them in learning key concepts. The 9th Edition features major scientific updates, new content that focuses on the possibility of life in the universe, and recent discoveries that provide modern contexts to help students see astronomy as highly relevant to their worlds now. The authors integrate a new focus on cultural diversity among scientists and ethics across science and astronomy, delving into science done by a wide range of people and evaluated in different ways. The authors write and create a wealth of Mastering Astronomy resources, carrying the coherent and cohesive approach of the book to the new and expanded digital tools, such as Prelecture Videos. Instructors can access this curated group of activities in Mastering Astronomy for use before, during, and after class and can easily edit the pre-built assignments to fit the way they teach. This text is also available in two volumes, which can be purchased separately: The Cosmic Perspective: The Solar System, 9th Edition (includes Chapters 1-13, 14, S1, 24) The Cosmic Perspective: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology, 9th Edition (includes Chapters 1-3, S1, 4-6, S2-S4, 14-24) Also available digitally as a standalone Pearson eText, or via Mastering Astronomy, which includes the Pearson eText. Pearson eText is a simple-to-use, mobile-optimized, personalized reading experience that can be adopted on its own as the main course material. It lets students highlight, take notes, and review key vocabulary all in one place, even when offline. Seamlessly integrated videos and other rich media engage students and give them access to the help they need, when they need it. Educators can easily customize the table of contents and share their own notes with students so they see the connection between their eText and what they learn in class - motivating them to keep reading, and keep learning. If your instructor has assigned Pearson eText as your main course material, search for: * 0135729491 / 9780135729496 Pearson eText Cosmic Perspective, The -- Access Card, 9/e OR * 0135729459 / 9780135729458 Pearson eText Cosmic Perspective, The -- Instant Access, 9/e Also available with Mastering Astronomy By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, Mastering personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student.Resources in Mastering Astronomy are written and carefully reviewed by the author team, establishing the same coherent and trusted voice as the book. Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; Mastering Astronomy does not come packaged with this content. Students, if interested in purchasing this title with Mastering Astronomy, ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and Mastering Astronomy, search for: 0134988930 / 9780134988931 Cosmic Perspective, The Plus Mastering Astronomy with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0134874366 / 9780134874364 Cosmic Perspective, The 0134988833 / 9780134988832 Mastering Astronomy with Pearson eText -- ValuePack Access Card -- for Cosmic Perspective, The 0321765184 / 9780321765185 SkyGazer 5.0 Student Access Code Card (Integrated component)

The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals

The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals Author : Jeffrey O. Bennett
Release : 2014-12-24
Publisher : Addison-Wesley
ISBN : 9780133889567
File Size : 27.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 175
Read : 514

NOTE: You are purchasing a standalone product; MasteringAstronomy does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MasteringAstronomy search for 0133858642 / 9780133858648 The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals Plus MasteringAstronomy with eText, Access Card Package: Package consists of: 0133889564 / 9780133889567 Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals, The 0133905306 / 9780133905304 MasteringAstronomy with Pearson eText -- ValuePack Access Card -- for The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals 0321712951 / 9780321712950 Starry Night College Student Access Code Card 0321765184 / 9780321765185 SkyGazer 5.0 Student Access Code Card (Integrated component) MasteringAstronomy should only be purchased when required by an instructor. For one-semester college courses in Introductory Astronomy. Teaching the Process of Science through Astronomy Inspired by an activities-based classroom approach, The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals is the briefest introduction to astronomy in the Bennett series. By focusing on the process of science and fundamental concepts of astronomy, The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals allows time for the use of other instructional tools in the course. Each concisely written chapter is formatted into two main sections followed by a Process of Science section, making learning targeted and expectations clear for students. The Second Edition of The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals presents recent dramatic advances in astronomy and how they change our understanding of the cosmos. This new editionfocuses on essential subjects of astronomy chosen for their importance to the field, interest, and engagement level, using goal-oriented lessons and practical tools tobring astronomy to life. The textbook is now supported in MasteringAstronomy to create an unrivalled learning suite for students and instructors.

The Essential Cosmic Perspective

The Essential Cosmic Perspective Author : Jeffrey O. Bennett
Release : 2014-01-01
Publisher : Addison-Wesley
ISBN : 9780321928085
File Size : 47.18 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 377
Read : 1126

The Essential Cosmic Perspective, Seventh Edition gives non-science majors a streamlined, cutting edge introduction to astronomy built on a strong tradition of effective pedagogy and coverage. Focus on skill building includes new group work exercises that require active participation, helping you to retain concepts longer and build communication skills. MasteringAstronomy® works with the text to create a learning program that enables you to learn interactively both in and out of the classroom.

Popular Astronomy

Popular Astronomy Author : Camille Flammarion
Release : 2014-02-13
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 1108067840
File Size : 46.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 251
Read : 554

French astronomer Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) called the study of the heavens 'the science which concerns us most'. He believed that learning 'what place we occupy in the infinite' could delight and instruct, and might even promote an end to war and strife. Flammarion dedicated the present work to François Arago (1786-1853), author of earlier work on popular astronomy. Since Arago's time, the capabilities of telescopes and other instruments had vastly improved, advancing understanding in areas such as the composition of stars. Flammarion sought to bring this new knowledge to the public in a charming yet 'scrupulously exact' style. His highly illustrated introduction to astronomy succeeded in reaching a wide readership, selling over 100,000 French copies before this English translation appeared in 1894. The 1881 French version and Flammarion's work on the origins of the Earth, Le Monde avant la création de l'homme (1886), are also reissued in this series.

Ptolemy in Perspective

Ptolemy in Perspective Author : Alexander Jones
Release : 2009-12-10
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 9048127882
File Size : 43.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 960
Read : 812

Ptolemy was the most important physical scientist of the Roman Empire, and for a millennium and a half his writings on astronomy, astrology, and geography were models for imitation, resources for new work, and targets of criticism. Ptolemy in Perspective traces reactions to Ptolemy from his own times to ours. The nine studies show the complex processes by which an ancient scientist and his work gained and subsequently lost an overreaching reputation and authority.

Tides in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Tides in Astronomy and Astrophysics Author : Jean Souchay
Release : 2012-12-14
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 3642329616
File Size : 81.35 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 573
Read : 300

Based on the lecture notes of a school titled ‘Tides in Astronomy and Astrophysics’ that brought together students and researchers, this book focuses on the fundamental theories of tides at different scales of the universe—from tiny satellites to whole galaxies—and on the most recent developments. It also attempts to place the study of tides in a historical perspective. Starting with a general tutorial on tides, the theme of tides is approached in 9 chapters from many directions. They allow non-experts to pick up a physical intuition and a sense of orders of magnitude in the theory of tides. These carefully prepared lecture notes by leaders in the field include many illustrative figures and drawings. Some even offer a variety of simple back-of the-envelope problems.

The Square Kilometre Array: An Engineering Perspective

The Square Kilometre Array: An Engineering Perspective Author : Peter J. Hall
Release : 2005-10-25
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 9781402037979
File Size : 50.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 706
Read : 510

This volume is an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the engineering of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a revolutionary instrument which will be the world’s largest radio telescope. Expected to be completed by 2020, the SKA will be a pre-eminent tool in probing the Early Universe and in enhancing greatly the discovery potential of radio astronomy in many other fields. This book, containing 36 refereed papers written by leaders in SKA engineering, has been compiled by the International SKA Project Office and is the only contemporary compendium available. It features papers dealing with pivotal technologies such as antennas, RF systems and data transport. As well, overviews of important SKA demonstrator instruments and key system design issues are included. Practising professionals, and students interested in next-generation telescopes, will find this book an invaluable reference.

Concepts of Nature

Concepts of Nature Author : Hans Ulrich Vogel
Release : 2010
Publisher : BRILL
ISBN : 9004185267
File Size : 53.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 428
Read : 559

Gnnter Dux, Dr. iur., University of Bonn, is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Freiburg University; Germany. He has published mainly on the sociology of culture, sociology of social and cultural change and sociology of politics. --